Happy Father's Day!!

Hope you're spoiling your father rotten right now!  If I could be there, I'd be enjoying a BIG bite of Raisin Pie with a cup of coffee.  My dad makes great coffee 💞  And, I make great pie 💗 What's your favorite Father's Day celebration or memory?  love, faith.



Happy Mother's Day! Time to ....

It snowed here this morning - really BIG, HAPPY flakes. The air is brisk which makes the daffodils & tulips stand up even straighter!  And, it made me smile & remember my mom's favorite morning greeting:  
"Time to Rise & Shine!" 

Hope you are enjoying this wonderful Mother's Day!   
DTD-Last Minute Centerpiece, Tulip Side Option
love, faith.


Happy Easter Day!

Hope you're having a Happy Easter Day!!  love, faith.


Stonehenge Fabrics & Clay

You know, Mug Rugs don't always have to have a Mug on them :)  Found these great Salt & Pepper Shakers at the local thrift store & just had to add them to my collection.  They were made by "Clays In Calico" in Cardwell, Montana back in 1998.  Guess what?  They've been in business since the 1950's & are still in business!  Look pretty good with these "Cottonwood Leaves" - don't ya think?

Doodle Time Designs - Cottonwood Leaves, Small 


An Apple a Day ...

An Apple a Day ... while you're sewing a Love Note ... keeps the winter blues away!


Time for Tea

Just wanted to post these little guys - makes me want to brew some tea!
Last Minute Mug Mat - Fussy Cut Centers


I'm Just Sayin' ....

It would have been Mom & Dad's 60th anniversary tomorrow .... life is short .... love one another .... 💞  faith.

Love Notes Pattern - Doodle Time Designs


Happy New Year - 2017!!

I don't know about you, but when extreme doses of drama are applied to serious aspects of life, I start to feel like a manipulated participant in a reality show.  I think it's time to break free!  Seriously!  

2017:  Necessary Seriousness + Extreme Fun  =  Balance 

Time to get my Happy back!  Are you with me?  What's our plan?   😊
Minions & Sunshine


Quickie Hexagon Mug Rugs

Is everyone ready? Me either!!  If you're looking for something last minute & kind of fun, I have an idea for you.  Have a Hexagon Template handy?  How about leftover fabrics & batting pieces?  Can you clear a little space in your sewing area?  (OK, that's not really necessary at this point - lol!)

 Quickie Tip:  Sew Strips to opposite sides (2 at a time) before getting up to Press & Trim. 

Before you know it, you'll have this:

- Stack Quickie Hexagon Mug Rugs
- Tie with Ribbon & Jingle Bell
- Place with cookies, candies, new Mug, etc. in Gift Bag
- Smile contentedly
- Assure yourself you'll start earlier next year!

Tip:  Be sure to play Christmas Music while sewing & sample cookies as desired!

You can thank me later - you've got gifts to finish up!!    Love, faith.


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

It's finally Pie Day, I mean Thanksgiving!  So much to be grateful for - thank you, thank you, thank you friends & family & friends of family & my family of friends - have a Happy Thanksgiving EVERYONE!

Happy Thanksgiving 2016 from Doodle Time Designs!


Fussy Cut Texty Fabrics!

It's no secret that I LOVE words!  And, I LOVE to fussy-cut fabrics.  So, it shouldn't be too much of a leap to guess that I LOVE to fussy-cut WORDS!  There are some wonderful texty fabrics out there, so when I see one that I fall in love with, I grab it.  Really like this one:
My Love Notes Pattern (Heart Mug Rug) requires printing on sewable, washable fabric sheets.  Or, does it?  Made these Heart Mug Rugs by fussy-cutting phrases:
Love Notes Pattern - Craftsy
Love Notes Pattern - Etsy
 And, made these Last Minute Mug Rugs by fussy-cutting larger phrases:
Last Minute Mug Mat - Extravaganza!! Pattern - Craftsy
Last Minute Mug Mat - Extravaganza!! Pattern - Etsy
Cute & FAST!  How do you know the phrase will fit?  Don't have the right-sized Templates on hand? Make your own Template Frames from ordinary copy paper!  (See paper Templates in fabric photo above.)

In the Love Notes Pattern, I actually provide a "blank" Template for you - simply print onto copy paper & cut out the middle to leave the seam allowance all around.  In the Last Minute Mug Mat Pattern, the center finishes to 3" square.  So, draw a 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" square using a sharpie on paper, draw the 1/4" seam allowance all the way around the inside & again, cut out the middle. Quickie Template Frame!

Now, move paper Frames around your texty fabric - it's that simple!  You can even mark the outside corners on fabric, remove Template & cut out desired text using fabric scissors. Don't limit yourself to Text for goodness sake - check out your cute novelty fabrics for ideas. How about using some small embroidered pieces instead?  Warning:  Highly Addictive  (But, so worth it!)   love, faith.