Quickie Hexagon Mug Rugs

Is everyone ready? Me either!!  If you're looking for something last minute & kind of fun, I have an idea for you.  Have a Hexagon Template handy?  How about leftover fabrics & batting pieces?  Can you clear a little space in your sewing area?  (OK, that's not really necessary at this point - lol!)

 Quickie Tip:  Sew Strips to opposite sides (2 at a time) before getting up to Press & Trim. 

Before you know it, you'll have this:

- Stack Quickie Hexagon Mug Rugs
- Tie with Ribbon & Jingle Bell
- Place with cookies, candies, new Mug, etc. in Gift Bag
- Smile contentedly
- Assure yourself you'll start earlier next year!

Tip:  Be sure to play Christmas Music while sewing & sample cookies as desired!

You can thank me later - you've got gifts to finish up!!    Love, faith.


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

It's finally Pie Day, I mean Thanksgiving!  So much to be grateful for - thank you, thank you, thank you friends & family & friends of family & my family of friends - have a Happy Thanksgiving EVERYONE!

Happy Thanksgiving 2016 from Doodle Time Designs!


Fussy Cut Texty Fabrics!

It's no secret that I LOVE words!  And, I LOVE to fussy-cut fabrics.  So, it shouldn't be too much of a leap to guess that I LOVE to fussy-cut WORDS!  There are some wonderful texty fabrics out there, so when I see one that I fall in love with, I grab it.  Really like this one:
My Love Notes Pattern (Heart Mug Rug) requires printing on sewable, washable fabric sheets.  Or, does it?  Made these Heart Mug Rugs by fussy-cutting phrases:
Love Notes Pattern - Craftsy
Love Notes Pattern - Etsy
 And, made these Last Minute Mug Rugs by fussy-cutting larger phrases:
Last Minute Mug Mat - Extravaganza!! Pattern - Craftsy
Last Minute Mug Mat - Extravaganza!! Pattern - Etsy
Cute & FAST!  How do you know the phrase will fit?  Don't have the right-sized Templates on hand? Make your own Template Frames from ordinary copy paper!  (See paper Templates in fabric photo above.)

In the Love Notes Pattern, I actually provide a "blank" Template for you - simply print onto copy paper & cut out the middle to leave the seam allowance all around.  In the Last Minute Mug Mat Pattern, the center finishes to 3" square.  So, draw a 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" square using a sharpie on paper, draw the 1/4" seam allowance all the way around the inside & again, cut out the middle. Quickie Template Frame!

Now, move paper Frames around your texty fabric - it's that simple!  You can even mark the outside corners on fabric, remove Template & cut out desired text using fabric scissors. Don't limit yourself to Text for goodness sake - check out your cute novelty fabrics for ideas. How about using some small embroidered pieces instead?  Warning:  Highly Addictive  (But, so worth it!)   love, faith.


Something Old & Something New

America Recycles Day is November 15 - that's today!  
In the "olden" days, it was second nature to "use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without!" Today, there are lots of great ideas for quilts (& other projects) made from old t-shirts, grandpa's neckties, vintage linens, feed sacks, chenille bedspreads - just about anything you can think of.  Recycled batting is available, as well.  

Instead of recycling old quilting magazines & books, I like to take them to my local library so someone else can enjoy them. There's a rack near the door with all sorts of donated reading items. The other day I picked up some great Harley magazines for my dh!  

But, my favorite indulgence is to browse for chachkies (or, tchotchkies) at a thrift store, find something that was "waiting just for me," & see what it inspires me to make.  Do you ever do that?
Love Notes Pattern-Doodle Time Designs
This little Turkey Candle Holder was just 50 cents & will make a nice table setting for Thanksgiving - which is 9 days from now.  Yikes - you better get stitching!  Here's a little help: the "Thanksgiving Message Boxes" are available FREE on Craftsy!  Enjoy.  With gratitude, faith.


Happy Veterans Day!

To all Vets - we are GRATEFUL & THANKFUL for your service !!


Spoonflower - 2-for-1 Fat Quarter Sale - RIGHT NOW!

Have you heard of Spoonflower?  You can purchase fabric/wallpaper/wrapping paper from indie designers around the world or design your own - and, sell it!  How cool is that?  And, through November 9, they are having a 2-for-1 sale on fat quarters.  They don't do this very often, so get on it!!

Don't know what to make?  Look further down on their Home Page to the section: "Featured Designs on our Blog".  That's really helpful - just click on any of the projects that catch your eye. 

There are many Fabric Types to choose from (knits, woven & performance) & Fabric Amounts are available as a test swatch, fat quarter or yardage. If you click on each option, the image changes so you see exactly how much of the print you will get. Pay attention to the measurements (inches) - size matters when you're shopping online!

Here's one of my projects using Spoonflower fat quarters:
Angel Ornaments:  Fat Quarter of : The Tiniest Little Angel by Robin_Rice

The Tiniest Little Angel fabric on Spoonflower, Robin_Rice, designer
These Tiniest Little Angel motifs are about 4" x 4" (minus seam allowances).  Robin even re-sized her original design & added this listing just for me - how special is that?!  Her original design - Littlest Angel motif measured 10" x 10" & was too large for ornaments, but maybe just right if you're making a pillow.

If you select the Fat Quarter option, you can see that there are 25 Tiniest Little Angels.  All I had to do was add some antique gold fabric, a tea-stained label, ribbon to hang, a little bit of bling & some fluffy stuffing.  Voila!  

Since I have quite a few Tiny Angels left over, maybe I'll make some into Mug Mats - will it work?  The center of my "Last Minute Mug Mat" Pattern is 3" x 3" finished, so I made a Template Frame.  This is a very easy way to quickly assess your stash.

Simply cut a 3 1/2" square from copy paper or something firmer.  Draw the 1/4" seam allowance all around & cut out the inside.  You've just made a Template Frame. Now, have fun moving it around your novelty prints - did I mention there are some lovely choices on Spoonflower & they're having a 2-for-1 sale??  good. I've got a couple of Mug Rugs to make! 


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween - hope you had your fill!


EQ Mini: Easier Quilt Design Software

I just found out that there's an easier-to-learn version of EQ7 - called EQ Mini!  

I use EQ7 when designing & although it's a lot of fun, it's also hard work.  EQ Mini has fewer options & features which can be a good thing!  

I learned about it from watching one of Laura Coia's excellent YouTube videos (Sew Very Easy channel).  She shares lots of good projects & has such an easy manner that all things seem possible - I love that kind of teacher!  Anyway, be sure to watch the video to the very end - Laura's giving away a free copy of EQ Mini just by leaving a comment on her site - how cool is that?!  P.S.  There's a deadline, so listen & comment quickly!

Watch Here:  Make Your Own Quiilt Patterns Using EQMini


Autumn Beauties

There was no convincing Angel to pose with my "Cottonwood Leaves" samples, so we did it the easy way ... that's what photo collages are for! 
Angel + Cottonwood Leaves Samples
Doodle Time Designs-Cottonwood Leaves Pattern-Craftsy
Doodle Time Designs-Cottonwood Leaves Pattern-Etsy



Happy Leaves

Do you remember Bob Ross?  He painted "Happy Trees" & showed everyone how they could do it, too.  His trees were evergreen, but if they had leaves they would look like this:
I think Bob would be proud - even though I paint with fabric :)   love, faith.


First Day of Autumn!

It's been chilly lately ... trucks drive by loaded with firewood ... leaves are changing color & falling to the ground ... patterns are emerging! 

"Cottonwood Leaves" Pattern, Doodle Time Designs

Paper-Pieced on the Inside - Curves on the Outside
Four Sizes; Dimensional or Ribbon Stem

FINALLY available at your favorite Local Quilt Shop - ask for it!  
Also online at Craftsy & Etsy!  

Thank you!  faith.


Log Cabin Star Table Runner

Doodle Time Designs - Log Cabin Star Pattern
(10" Blocks)
Sometimes you gotta just sew something SIMPLE!  faith.


Happy Father's Day!

All my love ... forever & ever!  faith.


On Memorial Day, We Remember ...

"And they who for their country die shall fill an honored grave,
for glory lights the soldier's tomb, and beauty weeps the brave."
--Joseph Rodman Drake


Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!  When I was old enough, mom & dad gave me the Kokeshi Doll they had bought in Japan when I was born.  As you can imagine, I treasure it.  She's only 3 1/2" tall, but these Japanese "bobble heads" come in all sizes. Mine is "vintage", but here's a modern-day craftsman at work:  Kokeshi Doll in the Making  Thanks Mom ... love, faith.
Egg-cellent Mug Rug Pattern
Doodle Time Designs


Little House on the Prairie (LHOP)

Have you seen the "Little House on the Prairie" line of fabric from Andover?  There are several groups to this line, but one of them especially caught my eye:  Scenics & Icons  I love the girl running through the prairie grass & the Quilt Label panel.  So sweet they make you smile in remembering. But, I make mostly itty bitty things - what to do?  Stay true to yourself, of course!  Thank you Miss Beadle :)

Quilt Labels make wonderful Pin Cushions - don't you think?
Lots of "Last Minute Mug Mats" + "Love Notes"

Another Colorway - More Mug Rugs!
love, faith.


Hippity-Hoppity Happy Easter Day!

Can't get this song OUT of my HEAD!!  lol  So, of course, I thought I'd share - you can thank me later :)  Click here for a great memory:  Hippity-Hoppity HAPPY Easter Day!    love, faith.


Springtime? Forecast is for SNOW!

I know it's Springtime somewhere!  Here's an oldie but a goodie to keep all of us ever hopeful.    faith.



Egg-cellent Mug Rug Pattern - FINALLY!

Been working on my pattern backlog from last year (yikes!) - hope you like this little Egg Mug Rug design with Fussy-Cut Center.  And, even though it would be a sweet little "extra" to include in someone's Easter Basket, it's a great design for breakfast or brunch or celebrating Spring or ...  

If you have some bright & happy fabrics waiting for a little paper-pieced project like this, the Egg-cellent Mug Rug Pattern is available online only (for now):

Etsy:  Egg-cellent Mug Rug Pattern - PDF Download 
Craftsy:  Egg-cellent Mug Rug Pattern - PDF Download

Thank you to my testers (your Pattern will be on its way this week) - especially for your patience!  A little late, but done at last!  faith.


Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to you!  A million years ago, my dh would buy me one of those BIG hearts full of candy & maybe even write a love note.  Now, a few Dove chocolates, popcorn & a movie (at home) make me feel loved.  Sending extra-special "chocolatie" Valentine HUGS your way!  faith.    


I "Heart" the Bronco's!!

I really enjoy the Superbowl - all the hype & music & commercials & reminiscing - it's great entertainment.  And, I enjoy the game, too (unless it's a blowout, but we won't go there!). My favorite memories are watching football games with my dad a million years ago. I was always trying to learn more about the game & he was always in the "zone".  In other words, he didn't say much!  lol  What are your favorite football memories/traditions?  Just in case it involves coasters under beverages, here's that tutorial I promised:

Front & Back of Heart Mug Rug, Doodle Time Designs
Fussy-Cutting Bronco's Motifs

Tape fabric to window so you are looking at the WRONG side of fabric & motifs are backlit. Hold Heart Foundation Unit up to fabric to locate where selected motif will fit nicely.  In this case, the horse motif will replace Fabric Piece #1, #2, #3, #4 & #5.   

Template Method:  Make a copy of Heart Foundation Unit onto FREEZER PAPER to make Templates to cut fabric pieces.  For Horse Motif Template, cut Freezer Paper along outermost Sewing Lines of Pieces #1 - #5 (highlighted above with a black marker).  Using a dry iron, press Template to WRONG side of fabric, centering Horse Motif as desired & cut out fabric piece - allowing 1/4" minimum all around.  Save Freezer Paper Templates & use to cut a variety of motifs of different shapes & sizes for different Mug Mats.  Always allow at least 1/4" all around - this will become your seam allowance as you paper-piece.

Now, paper-piece as usual using Horse Motif to replace Fabric Pieces #1 - #5. Below I've added Fabric Piece #6 & #7.  I think the text below the Horse's Nose will be distracting ...

So, I folded the fabric back to see where I needed to sew to cut out the unwanted text.  My new Sewing Line is in red below.  Feel free to adjust Sewing Lines as needed to custom fit your motif - just remember, straight lines ONLY!  

That's about it!  Continue adding fabric pieces - you might even be able to work in another motif, but I cut it short for this one because the SUPERBOWL is starting - gotta go!  

Love them Bronco's!    faith.