Wondrous New Year!

I recently ran across photos of something called a "Star Trail".  They were magnificent.  So, I  looked up Star Trails on Wikipedia & sure enough, they're for real.  Due to the rotation of the earth, the motion of the stars can be captured in stunning, time-lapse photos!  Here's one that's in the public domain:

Star Trail

Is that fantastic or what??!!  Of course, I'm wondering how they did that.  Is it real or photo-shopped?  I have no idea, and I don't really care :)  In this New Year, I just plan to keep my eyes OPEN WIDE & enjoy all the wonder around me!!  I hope you do, too.  Faith.


Happy October!

Oh, I love it when the weather turns to fall.  It seems an exciting time to make changes - maybe it's the schoolgirl in me that just wants to try something new - whether it's a daring fabric combination or a recipe with lots of ingredients!  The fresh autumn air is invigorating - the colors in nature are deep & inspiring.  Here's a peek at some of my designs dressed for fall:

So, what does a cool snap inspire in you?  Faith.


Angel & Butterflies

It has been HOT ... HOT .... HOT!!  I'm more of a fan of cold as it's pretty easy to get warmed up - just add more clothes or wrap a wonderful quilt around you :)  But, HOT ... there's only so much clothing one can remove!  LOL  So, off to the mountains where our wild Angel lets us know how to do it.  I tried to get a photo of her soaking her fanny, but she's too quick for me!  I'm pretty sure she's shaking & drinking at the same time - quite a talented puppy!

This is one of our favorite local spots - Hayden Creek.  Years ago, my dh noticed what he thought was the Greenback Cutthroat Trout when fishing for little brookies.  But, that's an endangered fish in Colorado & he thought he was seeing things.  He was!  The following year, a restoration project began. 

Now, all you can do is soak your fanny & take great pictures of butterflies!!

Things could be a whole lot worse :)  Faith.


Spring Came & Went!!

Well, I don't know what happened to my heart-felt resolution to post at least once a month!  Oh well, let's catch up :)  I've been:

1. Designing the 2012 Shop Hop Block for Stitcher's Garden.  The theme this year is "Games People Play" - very bright & fun - WAIT 'till you see!!

2. Demo'ing at the Pueblo Quilt & Stitch Expo - back in April.  No booth this year, but I had a GREAT time perusing the offerings.  Got some quilting loot & reconnected with vendors & friends.  Couldn't resist the BUTTONS of course - Jill has some of the best & her button enthusiasm is contagious - Jillions of Buttons

3. Creating spring samples!!

Here's Easter - this cake was truly superb.  The recipe for "Scripture Cake" was from the aptly named Cook's Country magazine:  "Lost Recipes - Kitchen-Tested Heirloom Recipes Too Good to Forget". 

Among other things, the recipe included cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, coriander, raisins, figs, pistachios & almonds!!  It was a heavy, old-fashioned cake with leftovers frozen to be savored in small pieces throughout the year.  I renamed it "Resurrection Cake".


4.  Enjoying NATURE - Spring is so full of joy & hope - no matter how bad Winter was, Spring always rejuvenates my spirit.   
Tulips & Butterfly Girl - I think she's reading a Quilting Book!

Apple Blossoms (soon to be Apple Pie!)

 We don't always get to enjoy a "real" Spring here in Colorado & true to form, temperatures zoomed into the 80's quickly.  Oh well, among other things, Nature reminds us to enjoy every moment!  Ooohh, I just saw a hummingbird .... gotta go!!  Faith.


The Secret is LOVE!!!!

 How was your Valentine's Day?  Full of Love & Sweetness??  I hope so.  I was tired & crabby, but that's when you NEED love the most isn't it??!! 

So, I'm sending a belated Valentine's Day cuddle from my Angel (because doggie hugs count)!.

And, mucho blessings to all who hugged someone whether they were "huggable" or NOT!! 


This is a "Joyful Heart" that was made especially for Valentine's Day - cheery cherries & happy dots. 

Have you ever run across fabric that you can't seem to get enough of ?? 

That's how I feel about this stuff - I just LOVE it!!

And, finally, I made up a sweet wall hanging I'm calling:
"The Secret is Love" 
It's for my favorite sister for a very special birthday. 

And, yes, the Heart is made of 1" squares :)  I'm sure there was an easier way to piece this little quiltlet than cutting 1 1/2" squares & sewing together.  

For example, I could have sewn strips together  & subcut.  One of the drawbacks of being a designer is you tend to frame every project as if you were writing a pattern  - it's along the same lines as "when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail".  Except, I didn't! 

I just enjoyed cutting & sewing all those little squares together - one at a time - for my sister - who loves flowers - and celebrations.  Every square was another loving wish!

What's the "secret" part you ask?  The four hearts on the bottom are flaps that cover hidden pockets.  Pockets to hold good fortunes from cookies; pretty buttons & earrings that have lost their match; champagne corks & loving wishes from your favorite sister, Faith.