Christmas Wishes

Wishing you a Christmas filled with good memories, old friends, family & LOVE!


Happy Winter Solstice!

Wishing you
much warmth 
on this 
Winter Solstice!  

love, faith.


Merry Everything!

If you're like me, making something special for everyone you care about is especially important this time of year.  Also, if you're like me, you kind of ignore reality for as long as possible. 
Until ... you look up from your stitchin' & the calendar comes into focus!  OMG!! 

That's when I go to Plan C (for Christmas):  
1.  Make everyone the same thing, 
2.  Keep it small & 
3.  Hope they don't compare!  

Hope is a reoccurring theme in my world.  So is staying on budget.  And, keeping it personal.  GETTING DONE is always good, too :)  

So, I designed some "Christmas-Holiday-Winter Message Boxes" for us "last-minute" types. These Message Boxes fit perfectly in the center of my Heart Mug Rug Pattern - called "Love Notes".  Here's a little sample of some of the 48 Messages available:

Merry Christmas! -- Joyeux Noel! -- Happy New Year -- Have a Cool Yule! -- Warm Wishes -- Believe in Magic -- Peace on Earth -- Ho Ho Ho! -- Bah Humbug! -- I "Heart" Santa -- Snow Happens! -- Just Add Marshmallows -- Let it Snow + more!  

In the Spirit of the Season, I'm offering the Christmas Message Boxes to you FREE until 12/25/2015 (the freebie applies to just the Message Boxes - not the Pattern).  Click on the link above or HERE & you'll be getting done in plenty of time to bake cookies for Santa!  Oh yeah - that one's in there, too!  Merry Everything!  faith.