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Radiant Heart - 4-Block Sample
Wheeeee!  I finally had a chance to make up another 4-Block Radiant Heart Sample for an absolutely wonderful local quilt store (Creative Cloth Closet in Canon City, Colorado)  What do ya' think ??

Yes, it's the Stained Glass Block that I whipped up before x 4! 
  • I worked on the zig-zag border to give the design some more movement.  
  • I also used the same background fabric throughout (rather than using a different background for the Heart Block).  It kind of gives the quilt a "floaty" (is that a word??) quality :)
  • Also, all four blocks are identical - no reverse of fabrics in the points.  I think that helped the secondary design pop a little more!
I really hope you enjoyed this interpretation.  Now, I need to get to work on a pattern to include the border & additional sizes!  Quiltmaker magazine rules require me to wait until August to release, so I have plenty of time - LOL!!

Radiant Heart, Block #226
Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks, Volume 3 (05/2011)

More Samples Coming Soon!!

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