Voting Results & Magazine Giveaway !!

First of all, a THANK YOU to each & every quilter who took the time to leave a comment. Since this was my first-ever Blog Tour, I had no idea what to expect.  WOW!! Your comments were graciously kind, wonderfully insightful & left me with the biggest smile on my face :)

I ended up selecting two winners at random:

1. "Sallie" will be receiving her magazine directly from Quiltmaker. Her comments:  
"Purple all the way! Thanks for the chance!"

2. "Duff" will be receiving her magazine from me. She commented:
"I vote for the purple because the radiating points have two distinctive colors whereas the orange seems to blend more. Thanks for the chance to win a copy!"

I’m sorry everyone couldn’t win! If the magazine isn't available in your area, be sure to get your copy here (plus there are more giveaways next week!) :

100 Blocks Vol 3 + More Giveaways

Now for the voting, PURPLE was the winner with more than 60% of the vote! I'm glad that so many of you liked the orange version, too, as I will probably make it up into the 4-Block Wall Hanging for a local quilt store. If I do, I will be sure to post a photo in the Radiant Heart Gallery. In the meantime, I whipped this up:
This is the first Radiant Heart I've made that isn't from Batiks! What do you think? I'm calling it "Stained Glass" Radiant Heart. A few of you had some different ideas for fabrics you might use - reds for Valentine's Day - white daisies .... I would love to see what you come up with!! Let me know - won't you ?? Faith.


100 Blocks Blog Tour - Radiant Heart Voting

I'm leaving the vote open until midnight Friday - 05/06/2011 !!  So, please continue to add your comments & ideas below (to the 05/02/2011 post to make it easier for me!) to be considered for the free magazine giveaway!

And, since you've all been so wonderfully responsive, I thought I'd add a new page to my Blog called "Radiant Heart Gallery"!  I'll be making up samples very soon for my favorite local quilt shops & will post photos there.  And, I would LOVE to see what you come up with!  Please be sure to email me with photos of Radiant Heart projects (or even blocks would be wonderful!).  I would love to add your creativity to the Radiant Heart Gallery!!!  So, stay tuned .... & don't forget to VOTE with your comment below!!!!    What's it gonna be?? 

Don't forget - giveaways each day - all week long:  Quiltmaker 100 Blocks


100 Blocks Blog Tour - Come on in !!!

Thanks a bunch for visiting me today - the second day of Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Blog Tour !!!   I designed Block #226 - "Radiant Heart" - a really fun paper-pieced block that I hope you enjoy.

Here's the Radiant Heart as a 4-Block wall hanging with a simple zig-zag border.  My photo isn't nearly as good as the one in the "Designer Gallery" section of the magazine, but at least you get a sneak-peek!!

The magazine features this block PLUS 99 others!!  What a deal!  Plus, there's all sorts of helpful info - including settings & layouts - even some all-over quilting designs! 

Before you return to Quiltmaker, make sure you leave me a comment telling me which Radiant Heart you prefer.  I'll select one comment at random & that quilter will get themselves a free 100 Blocks magazine!!  If you don't happen to be selected, not to worry - go check out all the other blogs on this tour all week long for more chances.  But first, leave me a comment to get in on the goodies !!

So, what do you think? 
The ORANGE one ??  Or, the PURPLE one ??

Go to Quiltmaker for more fun & freebies!!!