Cookie Stupor

Time to emerge from our cookie stupor - see if you can match the following captions to the photo collage below: 

1. Forecast: 3" - 12" snow, 2 pots of coffee
2. I'm not coming in - don't even have icicles on my chin yet!
3. Soft & cuddly - need to buy more flannel!
4. OK, I'm in - where's the cookie??!!
Doodle Time Designs
Hope you're staying warm & having fun!  love, faith.


Merry, Merry Christmas!

Hope you're having a very Merry Christmas 
my friends & family! 
love, faith.


Happy Day After Thanksgiving!

OK, I'm a little late with the Thanksgiving Greetings, but time got away from me a little bit this year - does that happen to you, too?!  And, I have to admit I really like the day after Thanksgiving a LOT!  So, "Happy Leftover Day" to you & yours! 

Now that you're relaxed with eyes glazed over from all the scrumptious leftovers eaten straight from the refrigerator, do you know it's about THIRTY DAYS until Christmas?  YIKES!  Are you awake now? Does this photo help?
11/04/2017 - Boulder, Montana - Doodle Time Designs
Now, get going sewing!! 
You can thank me later - the day after Christmas is good!
love, faith


Happy Father's Day!!

Hope you're spoiling your father rotten right now!  If I could be there, I'd be enjoying a BIG bite of Raisin Pie with a cup of coffee.  My dad makes great coffee 💞  And, I make great pie 💗 What's your favorite Father's Day celebration or memory?  love, faith.



Happy Mother's Day! Time to ....

It snowed here this morning - really BIG, HAPPY flakes. The air is brisk which makes the daffodils & tulips stand up even straighter!  And, it made me smile & remember my mom's favorite morning greeting:  
"Time to Rise & Shine!" 

Hope you are enjoying this wonderful Mother's Day!   
DTD-Last Minute Centerpiece, Tulip Side Option
love, faith.


Happy Easter Day!

Hope you're having a Happy Easter Day!!  love, faith.


Stonehenge Fabrics & Clay

You know, Mug Rugs don't always have to have a Mug on them :)  Found these great Salt & Pepper Shakers at the local thrift store & just had to add them to my collection.  They were made by "Clays In Calico" in Cardwell, Montana back in 1998.  Guess what?  They've been in business since the 1950's & are still in business!  Look pretty good with these "Cottonwood Leaves" - don't ya think?

Doodle Time Designs - Cottonwood Leaves, Small 


An Apple a Day ...

An Apple a Day ... while you're sewing a Love Note ... keeps the winter blues away!


Time for Tea

Just wanted to post these little guys - makes me want to brew some tea!
Last Minute Mug Mat - Fussy Cut Centers


I'm Just Sayin' ....

It would have been Mom & Dad's 60th anniversary tomorrow .... life is short .... love one another .... 💞  faith.

Love Notes Pattern - Doodle Time Designs


Happy New Year - 2017!!

I don't know about you, but when extreme doses of drama are applied to serious aspects of life, I start to feel like a manipulated participant in a reality show.  I think it's time to break free!  Seriously!  

2017:  Necessary Seriousness + Extreme Fun  =  Balance 

Time to get my Happy back!  Are you with me?  What's our plan?   😊
Minions & Sunshine