9/11 & Freedom Quilt Experience - Denver, Colorado Capitol Building

Remembering 9/11/2001:
I had taken time off from work the previous week to be with a very, very sick dog & was still exhausted from the ordeal.  Normally I listened to the radio on the long drive in, but that morning I treasured the silence.  I was so exhausted I didn't notice the mood of my friend on our ride down to the cafeteria for coffee.  He asked me how I was doing.  I said Mollie-dog would recover.  He just stared at me.  He knew I would always remember it was he that broke the news of 09/11.  I am grateful for his gentle tolerance when I said - "I'm sure it was an accident."  He said no.  We didn't speak after that.  TV's had been set up in the cafeteria.  Except for the broadcasts, it was a silent day - each person lost in their own thoughts.

A quilting friend sent me a great article on a 9/11 quilt memorial in the Denver Capitol building.  I hope, as someone who loves quilts, it will bring you comfort.  Here is an excerpt that really says it all (the link follows):

"It is not so hard to imagine the women who made these quilts taking this day into their hearts, going to the fabric store, running their hands over the bolts of cloth, breathing the smell of cotton as the yards are measured. It is not hard to see them cutting and pinning the squares, ironing each block, heat rising from the fabric. If each act is a meditation, each quilt is a prayer. One piece bound to another, the individual contributing to the greater, stronger whole. It is an easy metaphor."    
                                                                       Cynthia Martin, Quilt Curator
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Olde Schoolhouse Quilters 13th Annual Quilt Show - Part 1

I just love everything about quilt shows!  There's always something to inspire & usually there's a "boutique" where you can pick up some pretty good bargains (more about that on later posts - I hope!).  So, when a friend asked me to join her at the 13th annual quilt show in Westcliffe, Colorado, I jumped at the chance - the scenery on the drive out there is spectacular & the quilts were, too - I think you'll agree!

The venue:  Old Westcliff Schoolhouse Museum
304 S. 4th
Westcliffe, CO

September 1 - 4, 2011
10:00 am - 5:00 pm Daily

Westcliffe Tour

Here is The Olde Schoolhouse Quilters Raffle Quilt - appropriately named "Westcliffe Spectacular".  I bought some tickets & my fingers are really crossed!

Tammie Baggett (Designs to Quilt) quilted it in copper metallic thread that added a glorious shimmer.  It was pieced by many in the Guild & the binding was superb!

(Sorry about the pink block - bottom right in photo - I assure you it's a camera malfunction - not a fabric choice!)

The Guild's challenge for 2011 required the quilters to add three different style fabric borders to a panel.  These were not your ordinary "add a couple of straight borders & call it done" projects!  (I must confess to making more than a few of these!  Now, I'll have some great ideas in my repertoire!) 

This lovely Oriental Wall Hanging took 1st place in the challenge.  It was made & quilted by Leilani Robinson & includes:
            hand beading
            free motion quilting
            origami buttons (!) &
            hand embellishing.

 This creative quilt is called "Drivers' Training".  It was made & quilted by Kathy Metcalfe.  There's lots going on in this quilt, but my favorite part is the velcro-attached "garages" on the bottom border.  They provide removable storage for little cars - great idea!

This quilt kept me amused for quite some time - think of what it would do for the little ones!

I have this fabric panel in my stash - it's by Stephanie Brandenburg from her Day Dreams Collection - truly lovely.  However, I didn't envision a quilt such as this! 

Sue Davidson created several borders including one that is made of  hand-strung beads (lapis, turquoise, cornelion & glass) with lots of quilting (what I would call "thread painting") & embellishing - wow!

"Moonlit Canine" made & quilted by Judy Elkington was spectacular!  She cut up her pre-printed wolf panel so that it appeared to be a mosaic piece of art.  Her borders included piping, pieced & paper-pieced (my favorite!).  The wolf pieces were applied with fusible web & then machine quilted. 

I like how she rounded the fabric "tiles" instead of leaving them angular.  I'll never look at another wildlife panel the same again!

Well, that's enough for now.  Part 2 coming soon!  If you're in the area, there's still time to get in on that raffle quilt.  But, I think I'm going to win it, so you might just spend your $ in the boutique instead :)