Singing Kaffe's Song

I have enjoyed Kaffe Fassett fabrics for years - actually I LOVE everything he designs (read about him here:  Kaffe Fassett  - warning - you won't be able to stop - each article/project is more intriguing than the one before!)  But I must confess, I've been hesitant to use his luscious, color-drenched fabrics in my own quilting projects.  Why?  Because it's outside my comfort zone & I'm afraid to fail?  Maybe.  For goodness sake, how do you tell the lights, mediums & darks from one another?  Where does the eye have a place to rest?  Where do you start?

I finally stopped procrastinating & began with a modern pattern with LOTS of WHITE in between colorful blocks.  Hmmm...  Great design, but boring results I must confess :)  Should I just have used one of his designs & made it easy on myself?  Not quite ready for that - no matter how much I love looking at his quilts, they just aren't me - at least not yet.  I want to "sing his song" but, in my own voice!

So, with the remaining scraps I made one block of my New Traditions design.  Oh my!  It's singing to me!

I finished the table runner in record time & I couldn't be happier with the results.  Thanks Kaffe for writing such a glorious song :)   


Busy July!

Oh my - the whole month of July went by without a peep from me!  Well, lots happened & I have the photos to prove it!

The end of June was busy, busy with the 7-store Heart of Colorado Shop Hop.  I was asked by Stitchers' Garden (Pueblo, Colorado) to design their Block!  My first commissioned project was a lot of fun - Susie & Nancy were a joy to work with. 

The theme was "Nature's Treasures" & they had special Batiks designed for the occasion.  I designed the center block - which I called "Prairie Sun & Wind" - Susie & Nancy designed the setting which incorporated six blocks from the other participating quilt stores.  I think you'll agree the results were superb!

Next was a Presentation & Workshop for the Monarch Quilters' Guild on 07/11/2011 - a really enthusiastic, creative group of quilters.  Here are some photos on their website from my presentation:  Monarch Quilters  Be sure to go to July-Page 2 for more photos.
I taught paper piecing using my "Snapshot" Photo Frame Pattern & designed a special "Aspen Leaf" block for them.  What do you think?

Purchase "Snapshot" Pattern
Mention this post & I'll include the "Aspen Leaf" Block with pattern purchase!

The other big event for the month was a camping trip to the Gunnison National Forest.  A little bit of rainy, cool weather to escape the 99-104 degree weather we've had lately - lots of solitude - great hikes - fishing for the hubbie - Angel got to swim a little (or should I say "dunk herself" in the shallow water).  I just sat there at times with the biggest smile on my face doing absolutely NOTHING!!  It was heavenly.  Then ...
... it got even better when a huge herd of elk came grazing through the valley.  It is the biggest herd we've seen outside of Rocky Mountain National Park.  And, it was glorious!  

I hope you were able to enjoy some of "Nature's Treasures" this summer - whether at your favorite quilt shop or miles from nowhere ;)  Faith.