Happy Birthday Favorite Sister!!

Bad winter  weather prevented a timely birthday celebration, but for once, I was ready!!  Completed the binding on my favorite sister's quilt at 2:00 am the other night.  Here's the proof:

 Design:  "The Big EZ" Pattern by Bloom Creek
The Big EZ Pattern

A lovely design, but a stretch for me :)  As you may know, I specialize in small things!  To paraphrase Mother Teresa: 
"... we can all do small things with great love ..." 
Larger things usually leave me ... well, with a UFO!  (Unfinished Object in quilting parlance)

Very EZ design aside, this was an accomplishment for me, but I had help in meeting my deadline.  The piecing was fast & fun.  I varied from the design when I ran out of large pieces of fabric (I tend to over indulge in fat quarters - not yardage!).  But, the real joy was turning it over to a wonderful friend who happens to be a longarm quilter!  Selecting a quilting design was a delight - how can you go wrong?   We decided on "Popcorn" in the end & it turned out wonderful. Thank you PJ!   Got a few tips on different binding methods from the quilt expert & I took over again.   I really enjoy hand sewing - popped in a movie (pun intended) & was done in no time at all.  The party was rescheduled for tomorrow & best of all, I'M READY!!  Happy birthday & I hope it gives you the sweetest of dreams!!