Time to FIU!!

When I went to work at the KSC (Kennedy Space Center) a million years ago, the first thing they had me do was read a book of acronyms.  It was a BIG book - I read for 3 weeks.  I'm proud to say that I never fell asleep - although I came close!  Fortunately (although I didn't look at it that way at the time), I worked with five pranksters who kept me on my toes.  I wonder if any of them turned into QG's creating WOA's??  Oh, I hope so!  Now, forgive me - I MGBTW (substituted W=writing for the Q) - I have a pattern to finish!!

Here's the wonderful post that helped me write the above:
Easypatchwork: Acronyms in the Quilting World 

Be sure to add your own Acronyms in her Comments Section - how about MWT's (most wonderful Testers) - without them I could never say TGIF (well, almost)!! LOL  XOXO  faith.