Grandma's Quilt

A long, long time ago my dh's grandmother made quilts for all the grandkids - not sure how many that was, but it was a bunch!  I wasn't part of the family then, but I remember this quilt because my db (dear boyfriend) brought it with him to the beach one day - yikes!  I wasn't yet a quilter, but I was a sewer & I could only imagine how much work went into those quilts.  I'd like to remember we were careful with the suntan oil (double yikes!), but maybe not ...

Well, I'm finally cleaning out ALL the boxes in the basement (a very big YIKES!!) & ran across his quilt.  Did I smell coconut oil, or just imagine it??  After being gently washed & dried in the fresh breezes outside, I'm happy to say - no suntan oil, no soda spills - it's as good as new - or old, depending on your view.  Quilts aren't just about design & fabric choices (that's a blanket for goodness sake!) - quilts are sewn with hopes & dreams & wishes for the future built into every loving stitch.  And, now many, many years later, my dh can wrap himself in the comfortable past & remember your hugs & talks & sweetness.  Thanks grandma - he needed that :)

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