Singing Kaffe's Song

I have enjoyed Kaffe Fassett fabrics for years - actually I LOVE everything he designs (read about him here:  Kaffe Fassett  - warning - you won't be able to stop - each article/project is more intriguing than the one before!)  But I must confess, I've been hesitant to use his luscious, color-drenched fabrics in my own quilting projects.  Why?  Because it's outside my comfort zone & I'm afraid to fail?  Maybe.  For goodness sake, how do you tell the lights, mediums & darks from one another?  Where does the eye have a place to rest?  Where do you start?

I finally stopped procrastinating & began with a modern pattern with LOTS of WHITE in between colorful blocks.  Hmmm...  Great design, but boring results I must confess :)  Should I just have used one of his designs & made it easy on myself?  Not quite ready for that - no matter how much I love looking at his quilts, they just aren't me - at least not yet.  I want to "sing his song" but, in my own voice!

So, with the remaining scraps I made one block of my New Traditions design.  Oh my!  It's singing to me!

I finished the table runner in record time & I couldn't be happier with the results.  Thanks Kaffe for writing such a glorious song :)   

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