The Secret is LOVE!!!!

 How was your Valentine's Day?  Full of Love & Sweetness??  I hope so.  I was tired & crabby, but that's when you NEED love the most isn't it??!! 

So, I'm sending a belated Valentine's Day cuddle from my Angel (because doggie hugs count)!.

And, mucho blessings to all who hugged someone whether they were "huggable" or NOT!! 


This is a "Joyful Heart" that was made especially for Valentine's Day - cheery cherries & happy dots. 

Have you ever run across fabric that you can't seem to get enough of ?? 

That's how I feel about this stuff - I just LOVE it!!

And, finally, I made up a sweet wall hanging I'm calling:
"The Secret is Love" 
It's for my favorite sister for a very special birthday. 

And, yes, the Heart is made of 1" squares :)  I'm sure there was an easier way to piece this little quiltlet than cutting 1 1/2" squares & sewing together.  

For example, I could have sewn strips together  & subcut.  One of the drawbacks of being a designer is you tend to frame every project as if you were writing a pattern  - it's along the same lines as "when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail".  Except, I didn't! 

I just enjoyed cutting & sewing all those little squares together - one at a time - for my sister - who loves flowers - and celebrations.  Every square was another loving wish!

What's the "secret" part you ask?  The four hearts on the bottom are flaps that cover hidden pockets.  Pockets to hold good fortunes from cookies; pretty buttons & earrings that have lost their match; champagne corks & loving wishes from your favorite sister, Faith.

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Beth said...

How sweet Angel looks and what a nice picture to hang in your gallery.
Love the heart for Anita, don't think you could have given her anything that she would cherish more.

Your mother-in-law