All Dogs go to Heaven - Quilting Gallery

WOW - summer really got away from me!  Mostly it was hot & dry too early with scary-close forest fires.  Lots of people lost homes & pets so it seems rather petty to complain about the heat.  With the recent (& unusual for August) rains, life seems almost back to normal.  And, the older I get, the more I realize that loss is a normal part of life.  And, it's what makes the in between time all the more precious.

Found a really great site called the Quilting Gallery - A Place for Quilters to have FUN!  I'm honored to be included in their Quilter Blog List - yaaa!!  Lots of free quilting projects, giveaways, swaps & competitions (friendly!) - so be sure to check them out!   

The theme for this week's Quilters Show & Tell is "Pet Quilts".  My entry is called:  "All Dogs go to Heaven"

You can win all sorts of goodies from the sponsor just for commenting/voting, so be sure to chose your favorites!  "All Dogs" has 45 votes so far!  

All YOU need to do to enter is submit a photo of your quilt that fits the theme & fill out a very short entry form.  Here's the list of previous winners, as well as future themes:  Quilting Gallery - Show & Tell

Looking ahead, I see "Little Things" is on the agenda very soon - Mug Rugs, Purses, etc.!  Geez, not sure where I can find a Mug Rug pattern with pizzaz!  lol  Happy Quilting!  Faith.

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