Row-By-Row Wall Hanging

The Row-By-Row Experience has really taken off this year all across Canada & the U.S.  There are SO many wonderful designs out there from quilt shops that you really need a Quilt Shop Map to keep it all straight!  Quilters are reconnecting with long-lost relatives & friends (& even sympathetic strangers) to get just the right Row - how cool is that ?

Here's my Row-By-Row design for First Stitches Quilt Shop in Canon City, Colorado (thank you Kim!).  I added a strip of sky above & a leftover strip of green below to turn it into a wall hanging.  It still looked like something was missing, so I added coordinating fabrics from Northcott's Artisan Spirit Sandscapes line & went a little crazy on the quilting.  Makes me feel like I'm camping out in the Flat Tops Wilderness area, which was the inspiration for this design.  Mission accomplished ... except I might just add some embroidered wildflowers here & there ...  faith.
Row-By-Row First Stitches Quilt Shop, Canon City, Colorado

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