Quickie Hexagon Mug Rugs

Is everyone ready? Me either!!  If you're looking for something last minute & kind of fun, I have an idea for you.  Have a Hexagon Template handy?  How about leftover fabrics & batting pieces?  Can you clear a little space in your sewing area?  (OK, that's not really necessary at this point - lol!)

 Quickie Tip:  Sew Strips to opposite sides (2 at a time) before getting up to Press & Trim. 

Before you know it, you'll have this:

- Stack Quickie Hexagon Mug Rugs
- Tie with Ribbon & Jingle Bell
- Place with cookies, candies, new Mug, etc. in Gift Bag
- Smile contentedly
- Assure yourself you'll start earlier next year!

Tip:  Be sure to play Christmas Music while sewing & sample cookies as desired!

You can thank me later - you've got gifts to finish up!!    Love, faith.

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