Will & Way!

Various body parts haven't been cooperating the last several months, so I'm officially proclaiming myself a "southpaw"!  I wouldn't go so far as to say I've mastered cutting fabrics left-handed, but I'm on my way.  Good tools help immensely!

Do you need to switch it up, too??  First of all, you may not need to purchase a new Rotary Cutter!  All I had to do was move the blade assemblage to the other side of my Olfa Rotary Cutter - voila!!  Thank you Margie for this money-saving tip!(http://www.firststitches.com/)   

Absolutely necessary:  The Klutz Glove, Fons & Porter - no need to explain further :)    
And, very helpful:  The Shape Cut, June Taylor - this is a thick plastic grid that helps keep the edge of the Rotary Cutter in the channel for accurate cutting.  I enjoyed this tool (again, thank you Margie) before switch-cutting & LOVE it now!  Very nice training for a new leftie :)
And, an easy pattern:  Instant gratification (well, almost)!  Used my 5-Yard Everyday Quilt Pattern to begin with - no triangles, certainly no curves!  lol  Will be doing machine binding very soon - not quite ready for the challenge of leftie hand stitching just yet .... but, soon ....  faith.


Jackie Lemster said...

I am so very proud of you !! Congratulations :)


Barbara Iliff said...

So glad you're using the glove!! Your change has given us with carpel tunnel hope! haha Love it!