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You guys are SO creative - every time I see a "Five-Yard Everyday Quilt", I'm re-inspired!  Thank you Claire for this idea:  Two for the Price of One!  Yep, you can actually make two Baby Quilts instead of one large Lap Quilt from 5-Yards of Fabric with this design.  Thought I'd give it a try with these Cowboy & Indigo fabrics (remind me of denim without the weight) I fell in love with at First Stitches.  And, don't forget, Baby Quilts aren't just for babies - they might be just the right size for Football Season!  

Each Baby Quilt finishes:  36" x 44" 
Total:  40 Blocks (20 each)
Layout:  4 Blocks across, 5 Blocks down
One Border (2" finished); different for each Quilt

Blocks constructed as indicated in pattern using
Fabrics A, B, C, D, & E except for Borders & Binding.
(Adjust calculations to 20 Blocks each.)

Fabric A:  Make sure you can get 20 fussy-cut features
Fabric B:  Cut carefully - you'll need almost every inch!
Fabric C:  Baby Quilt #1:  Border and Binding
Fabric D:  Baby Quilt #2:  Border or Binding
Fabric E:  Baby Quilt #2:  Border or Binding

Here's my chart laying on top of my Binding selections:
I purchased 1 1/2 Yards of Fabric A since my features were spaced so far apart.  

I also wrote down any identifying information on the fabrics used - just in case!  (I cut Fabric B before I did this - you just know that's the one I'll want more of 6 months from now :)  

What do you do to stay organized?  Let me know & keep the good great ideas coming ....  Next up - 12" Blocks, Queen Sized!

Posted:  Show & Tell Tuesday on
Randi's Site - with any luck!

5-Yard Everyday Quilt Pattern for Purchase

(Lap Quilt, 51" x  67" completed size)                                                              

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