Happy Thanksgiving!

I love the Traditions of Thanksgiving - they are what really makes the holiday special for me.  When I was a kid, though, I thought they were annoying - especially the one where we had to go around the table & say what we were grateful for.  You just knew my younger brothers were going to mumble something silly - usually involving pie & whipped cream - or not having to eat their veggies one day out of the year.  I'm lucky enough to be spending T'giving with those same silly brothers later today (one lives locally & the other surprised us with a last-minute visit from the north) - wonder what they'll come up with this year?  I hope it's wonderfully silly - because laughter is the best tradition of all!

What's your favorite Thanksgiving tradition or memory - new or old?  It's ok if it involves pie :)
love, faith.


Jackie said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too. My favorite Thanksgiving memory is having all the family at my home and the table full of wonderful things my Mother would make. Also, the first time my son-in-law, Mark, cooked his first large turkey !!

Faith said...

Family is the best! I know we'll both cherish our memories forever :)