Nature Boy's Quilt

Doodle Time Designs - 5 Yard Everyday Quilt
Finally finished the binding on this 5-Yard Everyday Quilt made especially for my dh (hereafter referred to as "Nature Boy").  I took great care in fussy-cutting the main blocks from fabric called Among the Pines.  

It's full of neat messages like:  Embark, Discover, Search, Escape ... - which I like.  And, it's got elk, fox, deer, fish, rabbits, pine cones, dragonflies, owls ... which he likes.  

And, the Batik coordinates are the color of deep water & dark earth.  You can almost smell the pine trees & late summer grasses.  It has a wildness to it - worthy of many adventures. Or, dreaming of them. 


Tammie Baggett said...

Such a cool pattern. I have some wildlife fabric and this would be great for my Dad. Love it

Faith said...

Thank you Tammie - you have some absolutely wonderful fabrics to choose from in your store! If your dad is like mine, he'll LOVE anything you make :)