Ready? Ha ha ha ... !!

It's down to the wire now - where reality takes a big BITE out of my "Left To Do List"!  If you are still scrambling to make a little something that will raise a smile & make a memory, this may be just the last minute project for you.  Or, if you are all set, sipping eggnog, & laughing at the rest of us, you can get an early start on next year ....

 Here are the wonderful instructions:

Half Eaten Gingerbread Man Ornament

I especially like how no fancy (as in, "impossible to find") buttons are necessary.  Just white embroidery floss & bright buttons, sewn as instructed, makes them look like candies - sweet :)

I like to make a new ornament every year - sometimes they are elaborate (as in smocked Christmas Ornaments - I made 1/2).  I had to buy ornaments at the last minute .... lesson learned!  
Looking back, my favorite ornaments are the simple, quirky ones - like the year we all painted ceramic ornaments for Mom.  My brothers painted theirs black - ALL BLACK - they were into heavy metal music that year & obviously, had no time to spare on details :)  What's your favorite ornament?  Or, decoration?  Yep - it's time for eggnog & memories ...  love, faith.



Barb said...

These are unique and so totally doable!!

Jackie Lemster said...

Ohhh I love your gingerbread men ornaments !! I remember painting ceramic ornaments and also painting the wood ornaments with my kids :)