Spoonflower - 2-for-1 Fat Quarter Sale - RIGHT NOW!

Have you heard of Spoonflower?  You can purchase fabric/wallpaper/wrapping paper from indie designers around the world or design your own - and, sell it!  How cool is that?  And, through November 9, they are having a 2-for-1 sale on fat quarters.  They don't do this very often, so get on it!!

Don't know what to make?  Look further down on their Home Page to the section: "Featured Designs on our Blog".  That's really helpful - just click on any of the projects that catch your eye. 

There are many Fabric Types to choose from (knits, woven & performance) & Fabric Amounts are available as a test swatch, fat quarter or yardage. If you click on each option, the image changes so you see exactly how much of the print you will get. Pay attention to the measurements (inches) - size matters when you're shopping online!

Here's one of my projects using Spoonflower fat quarters:
Angel Ornaments:  Fat Quarter of : The Tiniest Little Angel by Robin_Rice

The Tiniest Little Angel fabric on Spoonflower, Robin_Rice, designer
These Tiniest Little Angel motifs are about 4" x 4" (minus seam allowances).  Robin even re-sized her original design & added this listing just for me - how special is that?!  Her original design - Littlest Angel motif measured 10" x 10" & was too large for ornaments, but maybe just right if you're making a pillow.

If you select the Fat Quarter option, you can see that there are 25 Tiniest Little Angels.  All I had to do was add some antique gold fabric, a tea-stained label, ribbon to hang, a little bit of bling & some fluffy stuffing.  Voila!  

Since I have quite a few Tiny Angels left over, maybe I'll make some into Mug Mats - will it work?  The center of my "Last Minute Mug Mat" Pattern is 3" x 3" finished, so I made a Template Frame.  This is a very easy way to quickly assess your stash.

Simply cut a 3 1/2" square from copy paper or something firmer.  Draw the 1/4" seam allowance all around & cut out the inside.  You've just made a Template Frame. Now, have fun moving it around your novelty prints - did I mention there are some lovely choices on Spoonflower & they're having a 2-for-1 sale??  good. I've got a couple of Mug Rugs to make! 

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